What We Believe

At the heart of our work is a vision of radical, participatory, and inclusive democracy. We believe governing power should reside with diverse communities and workers. We believe social and political life can be organized around principles that recognize the intrinsic worth and value of all human beings. We believe we are stronger when everyone participates fully in our political, social and economic institutions, and when everyone enjoys the benefits of our shared prosperity. Further, we believe that creating this kind of inclusive, democratic society requires ongoing engagement on the part of diverse coalitions of groups in society, including and especially, leadership from communities of color.

Our work is informed by critical analysis of political, economic and cultural systems, with special attention to structures and practices that perpetuate historic injustices. At this moment we think it is critical to understand the rise of neoliberal political-economic regimes and the role of race and especially structural racism in shaping our institutions.

Our Core Work

GPP was founded and began working with social change groups in 1993. We saw a need to bridge the gap between those who were doing policy analysis and those who were doing base-building and organizing. As groups started incorporating our frameworks, we saw more clearly how organizing groups can get stuck on a treadmill of short-termism. We began to focus on the organizational structures and relationships that can move groups beyond fragmented work toward advancing more coherent political programs for transforming our society. Another way of describing our purpose is: helping to build a powerful progressive movement that is more than the sum of its parts, that has the power to promote a progressive agenda, and that moves a progressive worldview into state and national political discourses.

How We Approach Our Work

GPP weaves theory into practice by mining the best ideas from social and political sciences, as well as from history, including the histories of social movements. We apply these ideas to actual organizing—base-building, coalition-building, networking, campaign and electoral work. We evaluate groups’ experiences applying our frameworks, which leads to further refinement, new ideas and new applications.

Our programs are designed to help organizations link their short-term organizing and campaign work with their mission and with the fundamental questions of economic and political democracy and racial and environmental justice in our society. We work with groups that are committed to shifting resources and priorities towards a long-term strategy. We believe that a set of long-term goals for social transformation can change how groups work day-to-day.

We undertake long-term work with specific organizations. We have found that activists and leaders appreciate the concepts related to power, worldview, and strategy. However, though they like these ideas and want to adopt them, it is hard to change organizational priorities, practices, and culture. So we work closely with organizations over time, helping them change internal cultures in order to achieve more strategic practices.


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Ted Tishman
Ted Tishman
Donate today before the year ends! Help high-performing EJ leaders of the Ripe for Creative Disruption EJ Fellowship disrupt the status quo and design JUST futures together. #EJDisruptDesign


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Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
For Funders Funding Feminist Futures:

Did you miss the intensive International Feminist Organizing School (IFOS) and the highly-praised Feminist Organizing School for funders(FOSF)? Are you interested in learning about some of the latest theories and practices from frontline feminist movements around the world?

Join us THIS FRIDAY for a mini-session and glimpse of the latest Feminist Organizing School Training, part of the EDGE Funders Alliance 2021 virtual conference ”Building Collective Power for Change.”

To Register for the full conference: https://www.edgefunders.org/annual-conference-2021 . To register just for the FOS training: bit.ly/EDGEFOF (The $100 per person fee for this training has been waived)

The session's curriculum builds on the collaborative efforts of GGJ, Grassroots Policy Project, Indigenous Environmental Network, World March of Women - Marche Mondiale des Femmes - Marcha Mundial Mujeres and other IFOS partners, and features sections on: Grassroots Feminist Sytems Analysis and the Feminist Economy Framework.
Trish Cortado
Trish Cortado
Hello! It's Trish here, the new Program & Communications Associate at the Tishman Environment and Design Center EJ Movement Fellowship w/ Angela Adrar . Sending y'all lots of peace and blessings!!

Just dropping by to spread the news on the informational session on Sept 14. Please feel free to share, like, comment, tag folks who might be interested! The informational session will venture out on the WHY of EJ Leadership and the HOW of the urgency we need for times right now. #EJisNonNegotiable

#EJDisruptDesign is just one way for us to tackle issues that the extractive economy produce. Find out more on how to get involved here www.tishmancenter.org/ejfellowship
Organizing Upgrade
Organizing Upgrade
Tomorrow! Harmony Goldberg of Grassroots Policy Projectand Ana Maria Archila from the Center for Popular Democracy will go deep with five leading organizers on the tactics that defeated Trump and the strategy to build forward. The all-star panel: Burt Lauderdale/Kentuckians for the Commonwealth; Elianne Farhat/TakeAction Minnesota, Anthony Thigpenn/California Calls, Andrea Mercado/New Florida Majority, Maurice Mitchell/ Working Families Party. We’re excited to team with @ForgeOrganizing to bring this to you tomorrow, Dec. 2, 12:30pm ET/11:30am CT / 9:30am PT